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Foodie is a personal project that aims to increase person-to-person connections by utilizing an individual’s active and passive data to link them with like-minded people. Put simply; this concept uses personal preferences to introduce people to new places, new experiences and, hopefully, new foodie friends.

The initial idea for Foodie stems from conversations I’ve had with friends, family, and colleagues about my passion for new food experiences around New York City and how I try to track places I’ve tried out, and find new and exciting places to visit. I soon realized that over a number of years I had generated an enormous amount of data that, when analyzed, speaks volumes about my lifestyle, likes, and dislikes. And so, Foodie was born.

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Concept development

Taking my idea and moulding it into a well-rounded concept began by considering how I can effectively use the active and passive data* our devices generate and store to help instigate human connections.

After an initial visual exploration, I believe the best way to accomplish this concept is to utilize the historical location data from sources such as Foursquare, Swarm, Yelp, and Google Places. And use that data to improve a person’s dating profile, helping to build a more three dimensional picture of the person behind the profile. For example, it would highlight places you regularly visit as well as places you’d like to visit or experiences you’d like to try.

The profile matching system in this initial concept will rely on three elements:

* Active/Passive data refers to location data collected manually and device background location data

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With focus on user experience and visual design, my approach relies on constant iteration and active research to identify opportunities of improvement.

Curious about what I’m working on? Feel free to reach out at hi@diego.gs.