Diego Fernández



Pickie - a social shopping magazine - needed help to realize an opportunity to improve the user onboarding process of their latest app. I was brought onboard to work collaboratively with their in-house team to explore strategic and creative product design solutions.

Pickie onboarding ipad Pickie homepage

How we did it

As product designer on the project, I set off to explore and validate a journey that would introduce the user to a number of exciting features and capabilities, while also displaying multiple sources of the content that the app would gather to create a personalized "magazine".

Working collaboratively, the team and I worked on marketing and user reach fields, carefully crafting the visual design elements of newsletters and live components of the marketing website. I explored and prepared a new onboarding experience that succinctly described key app features, evaluated usability session responses, and answered the most frequent user questions.

As the user experience continued to be refined, I also became involved in enhancing the app home page, the strategic marketing of the recently launched iPad app for the Apple Store, and a design evaluation of branded newsletter styling to maximize the re-engagement of inactive users.


Prior to project kick-off, Pickie had become aware that for some users, who typically had a lower social media immersion, personalized content was minimal; it simply wasn’t being pulled through because they didn’t have sufficient social interest in brands to auto-generate the necessary results. In response to this, Pickie introduced editorial content which generated interesting articles but added to the complexity for users trying to understand the principle of the app prior to registration.

Pickie newsletter top Pickie newsletter bot


With focus on user experience and visual design, my approach relies on constant iteration and active research to identify opportunities of improvement.

Curious about what I’m working on? Feel free to reach out at hi@diego.gs.