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After Russtel, a New York based VoIP company, successfully launched two consumer apps that offered low cost international calls under the brands of Happytel and Nupozvoni - the former targeting the Spanish-speaking consumers, and the latter targeting Eastern European consumers - they decided to merge following a period of initial growth and consumer engagement validation, becoming one overarching brand: Happytel. This decision set in motion a new and ambitious project for the Russtel team, and I was brought onboard to lead on all elements of visual design for the project.

Russtel happy landing Russtel happy dialer

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How we did it

We began the project by developing an in-depth understanding of the user experience: conducting satisfaction surveys, and collating and analyzing feedback about Russtel’s web app and pre-paid cards. The results gave us insight and direction as we began to re-design a new and improved merged product.

As the project developed my role diversified, encompassing product innovation as well as visual design. During this period of development, I worked closely with two remote teams in Ukraine and India: my work with the team in Ukraine focusing on visual design and marketing, and my work with the team in India focusing on technology development. I collaborated with designers and illustrators to art direct and design much of Happytel’s new marketing materials, and began working as product designer on upcoming web and mobile apps, ensuring solutions were innovative and of the highest quality.

Russtel npz history Russtel happy landing


This was an ambitious project working with limited resource: our small team meant we worked with limited capacity and yet, we successfully delivered a complete relaunch of the product alongside delivering high quality support for the maintenance of current services and products.

Russtel happy dash
The design process reached the first milestone with the first web dashboard that implemented a new visual identity with vivid colors and a simplified user experience.


With focus on user experience and visual design, my approach relies on constant iteration and active research to identify opportunities of improvement.

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