Diego Fernández


Screen Time

I began to work with Screen Time with the goal of refining and redesigning issues that had been identified with their new mobile app: an interesting and challenging project that aimed to teach children basic financial concepts while also providing an effective, easy to use tool for parents that allowed them to reward their children with fun, gamified screen time.

Screentime bank Screentime rewards

How we did it

Visually designed to appeal to younger children between the ages of six and 10, it was essential that the product was toy-like in appearance with a combination of bright and pastel colors, and used a degree of fun, easily identifiable iconography to aid user learning and experience.

Key components included:


One of the biggest challenges to impact on this project was the shift in market norms. In 2013, devices were distributed within the home in a different way to how they are now, just a few years later. In 2013 we saw fewer children owning their own mobile device, so the design solution was initially intended for parents who share their phone with their children.

Screentime profile Screentime timers


With focus on user experience and visual design, my approach relies on constant iteration and active research to identify opportunities of improvement.

Curious about what I’m working on? Feel free to reach out at hi@diego.gs.